Raisin of the Year Award Goes to Anti Saar and Urmas Viik

Written by Helena Koch on . Posted in News, News of Centre

On the 6th of December 2018, the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre announced the winner of The Raisin of The Year for the most extraordinary children`s book of 2018. The jury, which consists of Estonian Children’s Literature Centre’s employees, chose Anti Saar’s book Mina, Milda ja meister Michel (Me, Milda and Master Michel, Eesti Kunstimuuseum).

The Raisin of the Year Award has been given out every year since 2004. It is meant to give recognition for a children’s book that has been published in the previous year and stands out as a whole, or is extraordinary because of its text or illustrations.

Additional information: Triin Soone, Director, triin@elk.ee