New children’s books

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Kadri Hinrikus
Don’t Worry About Me

Illustrated by Katrin Ehrlich
Tammerraamat 2018, 68 pp
ISBN 9789949616510



Ellen Niit
The Story of the Bunny Who Didn’t Want to Fall Asleep

Illustrated by Catherine Zarip
Tammerraamat 2018, 26 pp
ISBN 9789949616442
Age: 3+

Book excerpt


Liina Vagula
Someone Else

Tänapäev 2018, 195 pp
ISBN 9789949853724
Age: 15+



Liis Sein
The Raincloud’s Greatest Wish

Illustrated by Anne Linnamägi
Päike ja Pilv 2018, 32 pp
ISBN 9789949722440
Age: 5+



Margit Saluste
The Carousel of Feelings

Illustrated by the author
Koolibri 2018, 40 pp
ISBN 9789985036716
Age: 7+



Markus Saksatamm
The Banana, the Icicle, and the Complaining Chestnut

Illustrated by Urmas Nemvalts
Tänapäev 2018, 80 pp
ISBN 9789949853502
Age: 8+



Priit Põhjala
Uncle Mati, Veterinarian

Illustrated by Anni Mäger
Tänapäev 2018, 108 pp
ISBN 9789949853090
Age: 8+

Book excerpt


Anti Saar
Stand Here, Pärt!

Illustrated by Anna Ring
Päike ja Pilv 2018, 28 pp
ISBN 9789949722402
Age: 7+



Andrus Kivirähk
Tilda and the Dust Angel

Illustrated by Takinada
FD Distribution 2018, 141 pp
ISBN 9789949724802Age: 9+

Book excerpt


Piret Raud
The Story of the Little House Who Wanted to Be a Home

Illustrated by the author
Rouergue 2017, 32 pp
ISBN 9782812614422
Age: 3+

Book excerpt


Juhani Püttsepp
I Am My Own

Illustrated by Kristi Kangilaski
Lastekaitse Liit 2017, 44 pp.
ISBN 9789949905386
Age: 9+