There are treasures hidden in every collection. The older the collection, the more valuable and rich are its contents. A foundation was laid for piecing together the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre’s collections already more than eight decades ago – on November 12, 1933, when the Youth Library was founded at the Tallinn Central Library. The wealth of books gathered has been well kept over the long years, and even today, publications with the Tallinn Youth Library stamp can be found in our archive collection, jokingly called “our roots”. As of January 1, 2015, there were 60,868 units in the Centre’s collections. All items have been recorded in our e-catalogue, where enthusiasts can find them.

When there are a lot of books in a building and one needs to find them quickly, then some reliable system must be administered when situating the works. Thus, the base document titled “The Structure of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre’s Collections and Guide to the Organisation of Items” exists for organising and classifying the Centre’s collections. Publications in the Centre’s fund are divided into three collections: the archive collection, the reader’s-services collection, and the information-service collection. There is additionally an art collection, to which original book illustrations belong.

Archive collection
Reader’s-services collection
Information-service collection
Collection of illustrations