Piret Raud at the The South Ken Kids Festival

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The 22nd edition of the South Ken Kids Festival will be held in London on 18–24 November 2019. Children have the opportunity to meet many well-known writers and illustrators at the festival including our very own Piret Raud

The author will introduce her book The Ear to young readers. It is the first of her books published in English. The story of the book is inspired by the ear of the artist Vincent van Gogh and it was released in 2019 by the Thames & Hudson publishing house.

The author will also introduce her other work and conduct workshops for kids. She will participate in a live-drawing improvisation with other illustrators to create unique pieces together, projected onto the big screen to the sound of rock guitarist Miguel Montalban’s improvisation.

Festival guests will conduct workshops in more than forty schools around London. Festival guests include Axel Scheffler, Magali Le Huche, Colas Gutman, Sophy Henn, Emily Rand, Joe Todd-Stanton, Catharina Valckx and many more. Workshops are held in the French Institute which also hosts a versatile program of cultural events during the festival. The patron of the festival is the children’s writer, illustrator, and animator Quentin Blake.

Photograph: Dmitri Kotjuh

New translations of Estonian children’s books

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Friends of Estonian Children’s Literature have cause to celebrate since many good books have recently been translated to other languages and made available to the foreign reader. 

Kairi Look’s Piia Biscuit Moves In and The Airport Bugs Fight On are now available in Finnish. The books have been translated by Katariina Suurpalo and published by Aviador. Look’s Ville the Lemur Flies the Coop was additionally published in Lithuanian. The book was translated by Reda Šmitaitė and published by Balt-Art Verlag.

The autobiographical novel Comrade Kid and Grown-Ups by the beloved Estonian children’s author Leelo Tungal is also as of recently available in Finnish. The book was translated by Anja Salokannel and published by Arktinen Banaani.

Latvian readers can now enjoy Kätlin Kaldmaa’s book It’s Damn Good to Be a Bad Girl translated by Maima Grīnberga and published by liels un mazs.

Kids in Italy may enjoy the stories of Lotte’s Journey to South by Andrus Kivirähk and Heiki Ernits. The book was translated by Daniele Monticelli and published by De Bastiani.

New Polish translations include Reeli Reinaus‘s How My Dad Got a New Wife by and Helena Läks’s and Regiina Lukk-Toompere‘s The Secret Cat Bakery by the Ezop publishing house. Both translations were done by Anna Michalczuk-Podlecki.

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An exhibition of Baltic illustrators will open in Pordenone, Italy on Octobr 25th

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An exhibiion of Baltic illustrators will open in Pordenone, Italy on Octobr 25th, 2019. The exhibition „Running With Wolves. Werewoolf” will remain open in the Gallery Sagittaria until December 7th.

A werewoolf is a common motif in European culture. Marking our shared past it provides inspiration for many creators.  The exhibition features works from 38 artists from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania who explore the mythical world related to this mysterious and maybe even frightening creature.

Featured Estonian artists: Made Balbat, Katrin Ehrlich, Kadri Ilves, Kristi Kangilaski, Kadi Kurema, Giulia Landonio, Anne Linnamägi, Regina Lukk-Toompere, Eve Mahhov, Ülle Meister, Jüri Mildeberg, Gerda Märtens, Lucija Mrzljak, Viive Noor, Ede Peebo, Marja-Liisa Plats, Priit Rea, Ulla Saar, Joonas Sildre, Jonas Taul, Maarja Vannas and Urmas Viik; featured Latvian artists: Elīna Brasliņa, Rūta Briede, Roberts Koļcovs, Gunārs Krollis, Gundega Muzikante, Aleksejs Naumovs, Arta Ozola-Jaunarāja, Anita Paegle, Reinis Pētersons, Juris Petraškevičs, Anda Strautniece, Gita Treice and Anna Vaivare; featured Lithuanian artists: Lina Dudaite, Lina Itagaki and Lina Žutaute.

The organizers and supporters of the exhibition: Eesti Lastekirjanduse Keskus, Centro Iniziative Culturali Pordenone, Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, Fondazione Friuli, Comune Di Pordenone, Crédit Agricole Friuladria, Electrolux, Centro Culturale Casa A. Zanussi.

See the introduction of the exhibition from the  web-page of the Sagittaria Gallery.

Baltic Assembly Literature Prize awarded to Leelo Tungal

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This year’s Baltic Assembly Literature Prize was awarded to the beloved Estonian children’s author Leelo Tungal for her autobiographical trilogy Comrade Kid and the Grown-Ups (Seltsimees Laps). The prize is awarded to an outstanding work of literature written in the Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian language and published within the last three years. The expert jury particularly emphasised the third part of the trilogy A Touch of the Woman’s Hand: Comrade Kid and Dad that recalls growing up in the Soviet Union. 

The jury included experts of science, art, and literature from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: Inga Žolude, Orests Silabriedis, Gunita Zariņa, Triin Soone, Piret Tibbo-Hudgins, Marika Mänd, Vytautas Martinkus, Ramute Rachlevičiūte and Valdemaras Razumas. The prize is presented at an award ceremony on November 28th, 2019 in Riga.

Baltic Assembly Art Prize was awarded to the Latvian conductor Normunds Šnē Lätist and Baltic Assembly Science Prize was awarded to the professor Jūras Banys from Lithuania.

The Baltic Assembly has been awarding outstanding works in literature, art, and science since 1994 to support their development in the Baltic States. The prize is strengthening the cooperation of the Baltic countries through providing an opportunity to learn about each other’s achievements, affirming the common interest in preserving the national identity of the states in the region, and supporting outstanding achievements in art, literature, and science.

Photograph: Dimitri Kotjuh

Estonian Children’s Books Chosen for The White Ravens Catalogue

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The International Youth Library in Munich presents the annual White Ravens Catalogue at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The catalogue features the best children’s books from all over the world including two Estonian children’s books: Aino Pervik‘s From BonnyHead and Beyond (illustrations Olga Pärn and Märt Rudolf Pärn, Tänapäev 2018) and Anti Saar‘s Stand Here, Pärt! (illustrations Anna Ring, Päike ja Pilv 2018).

The catalogue is the most important continued publication from the The International Youth Library in Munich. This year the selection includes 200 books in 37 languages from 59 countries. The catalogue provides information about newly published books to international publishers, as well as library staff, it helps books gain international recognition and sell their translation rights. In addition to Frankfurt, The White Ravens Catalogue is presented in spring at the world’s biggest fair of children’s books in Bologna.

From BonnyHead and Beyond is a collection of stories that speaks about the bizarre folk living in a town called BonnyHead. Mister and Misses Industrious are always thrilled to undertake one project or another. Miss SharpTongue has something witty to say about everything she sees. Mister AbsentMind frequently forgets where he is and why. The stories are seasoned with witty limericks.

Publisher Tauno Vahter: „From BonnyHead and Beyond is an example of a book that puzzles the readers and critics in a positive way. What is it exactly, is it a children’s book or is it meant for adults, is it meant to be serious or fun? Not all the books need to fall in easily determined categories and a demanding reader can appreciate that. In addition to the text from Aino Pervik, illustrations play a very important role in this book by creating a whole other level while reading. It become clear that a text cannot do without the illustrations and vice versa.“

Stand Here, Pärt! is the second part of Anti Saar’s popular Pärt series. Pärt and his dad go to the grocery store. Once they’ve selected their purchases, they get in line to pay. But then, Dad remembers he forgot to get yeast. He asks Pärt to keep their place in line with the shopping basket and vanishes among the aisles in a flash. Pärt waits, feeling like a big boy. But the fewer customers there are left ahead of him, the more he starts to worry. The author describes convincingly the thoughts and feelings of a child allowing the reader to relate to the the main character.

The author Anti Saar: „The stories about Pärt become even closer to my heart when I hear from small readers that they have experienced similar thoughts and feelings to Pärt’s when in similar situations. This means that I have not lost the connection with the little kid inside of me. The recognition of The White Ravens Catalogue shows that I also haven’t lost touch with the grown-ups. Objectively that is a very good news. The stories of Pärt are largely picture books, therefore I will celebrate with the illustrator Anna Ring.“

Frankfurt Book Fair is the biggest book fair in the world and it welcomes more than 300 000 people from over 100 countries annually. This year marks the 71 time the fair has been held. The fair takes place from 16–20 October and the honorary guest is Norway.

Further information:
The White Ravens
2019 Frankfurt Book Fair

Leelo Tungal on a book tour in Finland

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The beloved children’s author Leelo Tungal will present the Finnish translation of her book Comrade Kid and the Grown-Ups in Tampere, Turku and Helsinki this fall.

The book was translated to Finnish by Anja Salokannen and published by the Arktinen Banaani publishing house. The author will present her book on October 5th in Tampere, on October 6th at the Turku Book Fair and on October 27th at the Helsinki Book Fair. An additional book presentation will be held in the Helsinki St Martin’s Day Fair on November 24th. The presentations were organized in co-operation with the publishing house and the Finnish Tuglas Society.

Photo: Dmitri Kotjuh


Estonian comic artists in the Lakes International Comic Art Festival

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On 11–13 October 2019 the Lakes International Comic Art Festival will be held in Kendal in the United Kingdom. The festival hosts artists from all over the world including Estonians Joonas Sildre, Liisa Kruusimägi, and Veiko Tammjärv.

The artists will introduce their work in the International Marketplace on Saturday and Sunday and draw with kids in workshops. On Sunday October 13th Joonas Sildre will also participate in the panel event The Wonderful World of Comics with Lars Jakobsen & Arni Beck Gunnarsson (Denmark), Stuart Medley/Bruce Mutard (Australia), Elyon’s (Republic of Congo), Maura Manninen (Finland), and Thomas-Louis Cote (Quebec).

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival celebrates comic art and storytelling. Festival organizers see the world of comic art as “a diverse and spectacular place, bursting with creations that transport us to other dimensions and stories that explore the world and our place within it.“ The family friendly festival brings the best comic artists, writers and creators from all over the world to the Lake District and provides many wonderful events, activities and workshops for all ages.

Joonas Sildre’s illustration

Estonian Children’s Literature Centre at the Frankfurt Book Fair

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Frankfurt Book Fair will be held from October 16 to October 20, 2019. Estonian Children’s Literature Centre will share a stand at the fair together with the Estonian Publishers’ Association and the Estonian Literature Center. Estonian stand will be located in hall 5.0 B87.

There are more than 7500 exhibitors and 4000 events at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The Guest of Honor in 2019 is Norway and and numerous events at the fair will concentrate on the literature and the culture of the Nordic country.

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Kairi Look at the Helsinki and Turku Book Fairs

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Aviador Publishing will release the Finnish translation of the book Piia Biscuit Moves In in September 2019. The author Kairi Look will present the book during Helsinki and Turku Book Fairs. 

She will perform on October 6th at 11.00 and 11.40 at the The Turku Book Fair.

On October 26th at 18.00 she will take the stage at the Helsinki Book Fair. The author and the kids from the audience will all become spies to find the friends of Piia Biscuit.

Additionally, Look will present the book at the Helsinki St Martin’s Day Fair on November 24th.

Last year Look’s book The Airport Bugs Fight On was also published in Finnish by Aviador Publishing.

Photo: Dmitri Kotjuh

French story-teller Géraldine Maurin in the children’s literature centre

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The French story-teller Géraldine Maurin will perform in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre on September 12th, 2019 at 11.00. 

Géraldine is a professional story-teller who lives near Lyon in France. She was born in Grenoble in 1975. When she was 20 years old she spent a week with a local street comedian and story-teller to learn the art of story-telling. Since then she has performed to the young and the old, and worked with many other professionals in the field.

Géraldine and her family travel across Europe to live her dream of telling stories all over the world. From Europe she will travel to Asia. She visits libraries and schools, homesteads and nursing homes. She can be seen at festival and during workshops.

The performance is organised by The French Institute in Estonia.
More information about the performer from Géraldine’s homepage.