Children’s literature centre temporarily closed

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The Estonian Children’s Literature Centre is temporarily closed starting March 16th due to the emergency situation announced by the Estonian government to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Readers will not be able to check out or return books. The return deadline of borrowed books will be extended until the centre is reopened.

Be healthy!

Indrek Koff at the Brussels Boof Fair

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Indrek Koff participated in the Brussels Boof Fair and conducted a workshop titled From Sound to Image, from Image to a Story on March 8th, 2020.

The author introduced his children’s book Ten Little Butterflies in the workshop. The book was created in an unconventional way. The author wrote his stories based on the drawings of the illustrator Marion Undusk. Therefore, it could be said that these stories illustrate the pictures and not the other way around.

Children could test during the work shop how sounds, pictures, and stories are related to one another. they heard different sounds, draw pictures based on those sounds, and wrote stories to accompany the pictures.

Brussels Book Fair was held from March 5th–8th, 2020. It concentrates on French-speaking expression and brings together publishers from France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Quebec and Belgium. It also welcomes guests from all over the world.

Photograph: Dimitri Kotjuh

Exhibition of the Belarusian printmakers

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An exhibition of Belarusian printmakers opened in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre on March 10th, 2020. Among others, the works of the well-known artist Roman Sustov will be exhibited in the centre. 

The exhibition brings works of five printmakers form the younger generation of Belarusian artists to Estonia for the first time. It features prints from Roman Sustov, Fedor Shurmelev, Andrei Yaroshevich, Marina Zhvirblia, and Liudmila Novakovskaya. They mostly use etching, lithography, and linocut techniques.

The art expert of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, Viive Noor, says that this is an extraordinary exhibition unlike any other in Estonia. She wishes to continue cooperating with the artists in the future to bring their work to the local audience. “It is one of those exhibition you simply must see!” Noor particularly highlights the works of two artists. According to her, Roman Sustov does not need any introduction in the art circle. “That name is well known among people that appreciate classical printmaking with high quality.” Andrei Yaroshevich may not be as well known but he is nevertheless an extremely powerful and interesting creator. “Both of them rely on the classics but are very modern in their approach and in now way stuck in the past. The intensity of their work, their vigorous expression, and imagination are fascinating,” adds Noor.

The curator of the exhibition is Liudmila Novakovskaya.

The exhibition is open until March 25th.

More information:
Viive Noor
5557 9930

Illustration Fedor Shurmelev

Exhibition “Secret Lives” in Warsaw

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Exhibition Secret Lives featuring Estonian illustrators was opened on February 5th, 2020 in Warsaw Puppet Theater (Teatr Lalka) in Poland. The exhibition will be open until the end of March. 

The exhibition features works from Estonian artists Viive Noor, Kadi Kurema, Regina Lukk-Toompere and Urmas Viik. All of these artists are renowned illustrators in Estonia and their works are known outside of their home country as well. In addition to working with illustrations, they are all involved in many other areas of art (painting, printmaking, photography etc.) They all have a clearly distinctive handwriting when they create their own secret world – very fairy-tale like and very personal. The exhibition allows a brief glimpse into these secret worlds.

The exhibition has previously been shown in Paris, Strasbourg, and Tel Aviv. The Estonian Embassy in Warsaw celebrates Estonian independence Day with the exhibition.

Organizers: Estonian Children’s Literature Centre and Estonian Embassy in Warsaw.

Illustration by Urmas Viik

Exhibition of Hungarian illustrator Jacqueline Molnár

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Hungarian illustrator Jacqueline Molnár will open a solo exhibition Fairy Tale and reality on February 5th, 2020 at 17.00 in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre. The exhibition is open until March 6th. 

Jacqueline Molnár’s style is characterized by bright and lively colours and meticulous details. She uses a variety of techniques: collage, watercolour, tempera, acrylics, photography and more. The exhibition in Tallinn features Jacqueline’s works from recent years. Visitors can peek at the unique world of different techniques, colours, and stories. For example, the exhibition visitors can see a series of works depicting sea monsters. These works draw our attention to the consequences of environmental pollution and inspires to change our consumption habits.

The illustrator wishes to touch both younger and older art lovers through her exhibition and she hopes that her work will spark creativity in kids: “I try to share my work and the joy of creating with kids and adults both – this sets me free and gives me wings to fly. I hope that children will enjoy the exhibition and they will wish to paint, draw and create fairy tales themselves.”

Jacqueline Molnár was born in 1973 in Budapest. She graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and studied in Gröningen, Amsterdam and Barcelona. She has illustrated more than 40 children’s books and made several animations.

The exhibition was organized by the Estonian Children’s Literature Center and The Hungarian Institute of Estonia.

Further information
Viive Noor
634 0080, 5557 9930

Kairi Look at the Latvian Book Fair

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Estonian children’s writer Kairi Look will present the Latvian translation of her book The Airport Bugs Fight On at the Latvian Book Fair in Riga on February 29th, 2020.

At 2 pm the author will perform to the adult festival audience together with the translator Guntars Godiņš, the Estonian author and translator Contra and the Finnish poet Heli Laaksonen. At 4 pm she will perform on the children’s stage of the festival.

The book was published in Latvia by the Petergailis publishing house.

Photo: Dimitri Kotjuh

Teddy bear exhibition in the children’s literature centre

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Studio 14 opened a teddy bear exhibition in the attic gallery of the children’s literature center. The exhibition is open from December 9th 2019 to January 19th 2020.

The exhibition titled The Travelling Circus of Signora Bambolina features teddy bears created in the style of toy bears popular in beginning of the 20th century.

Teddy bears are made by Natalja Alieva, Piret Mildeberg, Anna Davidenko, Sveta Aleksejeva, Airi Look, Annika Aedma, Svetlana Sorgina, Jevgeni Bulahtin, Irina Fomina, Natalja Volohhonski, Tatiana Mohrjakova, Viktoria Golubeva, Zelfija Zhedeljova, and Maris Aare.

Studio 14 is an International studio that creates puppet art, ceramics, sculpture and graphics and operates in Estonia. The manager of the studio is the curator and art scholar Tatjana Mohrjakova.

Viktoria Fomina illustratsioon

Exhibition That Peculiar Snow opened in the children’s literature center

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Viktoria Fomina illustratsioonA Grand Christmas Exhibition That Peculiar Snow by renowned Russian illustrators was opened on November 26th, 2019 in the Estonian Children’s Literature Center. The exhibition features the unique work of 16 acclaimed artists. It is available to the public until February 1st, 2020.

The art expert of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, Viive Noor holds the work of Russian illustrators in high regard. The reason for that is simple. “Russian artists are very good, unique and special. They have a strong classical drawing back ground and they have kept the classical illustration style that is slowly disappearing from the rest of the world even though they also draw in the contemporary style,” says Noor.

Featured artists include Nadezhda Bugoslavskaya, Natalya Demidova, Natalya Fiodorova,Victoria Fomina, Darya Gerassimova, Olga Ionaitis, Anna Yudina, Yekaterina Kostina, Maxim Mitrofanov, Olga Monina, Igor Oleinikov, Irina Petelina, Yevgeni Podkolzin, Natalya Salienko, Vadim Chelak, Yelena Ustinova.

Further information:
Viive Noor
The Art Expert of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre
+372 5557 9930

Illustration by Victoria Fomina 

The Tower of Babel Honour Diplomas presented

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On November 14th 2019, IBBY Estonia presented the Tower of Babel Honour Diplomas. The diplomas recognize the work of authors, translators and publishers of foreign children’s books translated to Estonian. The aim of the award is to encourage the translation of outstanding foreign children’s literature into Estonian.

Best translation in the story book category was the Everything Exists: Stories of the Squirrel, the Ant, and Other Animals (“Kõik on olemas: Lugusid oravast, sipelgast ja teistest loomadest”) written by the Dutch author Toon Tellegen and translated into Estonian by Vahur Aabrams. The book was published by Aasta Raamat and illustrated by Regina Lukk-Toompere.

In the best picture book category the jury recognized Susanna Isern’s book Dormouse and His Seven Beds translated through English by Kadri Põdra and published by Tammeraamat. The book is illustrated by the Italian illustrator Marco Somà.

The members of the award jury were Viive Noor from IBBY Estonia, Anu Kehman from thw Estonian Children’s Literature Center, writer Jaanus Vaiksoo, writer and translator Anti Saar and translator Ülle Kiivet.

IBBY Estonia has awarded the Tower of Babel Honour Diplomas since 2004.

Further information
Viive Noor
chairman of the jury
5557 9930

Piret Raud at the The South Ken Kids Festival

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The 22nd edition of the South Ken Kids Festival will be held in London on 18–24 November 2019. Children have the opportunity to meet many well-known writers and illustrators at the festival including our very own Piret Raud

The author will introduce her book The Ear to young readers. It is the first of her books published in English. The story of the book is inspired by the ear of the artist Vincent van Gogh and it was released in 2019 by the Thames & Hudson publishing house.

The author will also introduce her other work and conduct workshops for kids. She will participate in a live-drawing improvisation with other illustrators to create unique pieces together, projected onto the big screen to the sound of rock guitarist Miguel Montalban’s improvisation.

Festival guests will conduct workshops in more than forty schools around London. Festival guests include Axel Scheffler, Magali Le Huche, Colas Gutman, Sophy Henn, Emily Rand, Joe Todd-Stanton, Catharina Valckx and many more. Workshops are held in the French Institute which also hosts a versatile program of cultural events during the festival. The patron of the festival is the children’s writer, illustrator, and animator Quentin Blake.

Photograph: Dmitri Kotjuh