Estonian Children’s Literature Centre at the Frankfurt Book Fair

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Frankfurt Book Fair will be held from October 16 to October 20, 2019. Estonian Children’s Literature Centre will share a stand at the fair together with the Estonian Publishers’ Association and the Estonian Literature Center. Estonian stand will be located in hall 5.0 B87.

There are more than 7500 exhibitors and 4000 events at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The Guest of Honor in 2019 is Norway and and numerous events at the fair will concentrate on the literature and the culture of the Nordic country.

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Kairi Look at the Helsinki and Turku Book Fairs

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Aviador Publishing will release the Finnish translation of the book Piia Biscuit Moves In in September 2019. The author Kairi Look will present the book during Helsinki and Turku Book Fairs. 

She will perform on October 6th at 11.00 and 11.40 at the The Turku Book Fair.

On October 26th at 18.00 she will take the stage at the Helsinki Book Fair. The author and the kids from the audience will all become spies to find the friends of Piia Biscuit.

Additionally, Look will present the book at the Helsinki St Martin’s Day Fair on November 24th.

Last year Look’s book The Airport Bugs Fight On was also published in Finnish by Aviador Publishing.

Photo: Dmitri Kotjuh

French story-teller Géraldine Maurin in the children’s literature centre

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The French story-teller Géraldine Maurin will perform in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre on September 12th, 2019 at 11.00. 

Géraldine is a professional story-teller who lives near Lyon in France. She was born in Grenoble in 1975. When she was 20 years old she spent a week with a local street comedian and story-teller to learn the art of story-telling. Since then she has performed to the young and the old, and worked with many other professionals in the field.

Géraldine and her family travel across Europe to live her dream of telling stories all over the world. From Europe she will travel to Asia. She visits libraries and schools, homesteads and nursing homes. She can be seen at festival and during workshops.

The performance is organised by The French Institute in Estonia.
More information about the performer from Géraldine’s homepage.

Estonian Children’s Books in Moscow

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The Estonian Embassy in Moscow will host an event “The Line of Estonian Childhood and Theater” dedicated to new books on September 17th, 2019.

The author and playwright Andrus Kivirähk will present his children’s book Oskar and the Things during the event. The Russian translation of the book was published in the beginning of this year by the KPD publishing house. The Russian publication was illustrated by the Russian artist Jelena Kostina whose art will be exhibited at the embassy.

Additionally, publishing house Alexandra will present the Russian translation of the book May the Good Fairies Watch Over You by Kadri Hinrikus, that was published in June 2019 by Aleksandra.

Solo exhibition of Julia Bolshakova in the children’s literature centre

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The solo exhibition of Moscow based artist Julia Bolshakova will open in the Estonian Children’s Literature Center stair gallery on September 3rd, 2019 at 5 p.m. The artist will attend the opening. The exhibition is available to the public until September 28th. 

Bolshakova’s main tool is the pen. She considers herself a graphic artist but she is not afraid to experiment from time to time. She enjoys combining man-made things with natural ones and the old with the new. She is also, fascinated by unusual angles and point of views. The main topic of her work is travelling: “I really enjoy travelling. I draw on every part of the process: when I am setting off, when I am on my to somewhere, or when I imagine new destinations for myself. It is the main trigger for my personal development.”

The artist is active in the Urban Sketchers movement in Moscow. This international network unites artists that engage in on-site drawing. Artists from around the world draw the city environment in their hometowns and during their travels.

“Julia is one of the few artists that can playfully and with ease conjure up in their drawings what they see during their travels. This skill of emotional sketching is slowly vanishing from the world,” says Viive Noor, the curator of the exhibition and the art expert in the Estonian Children’s Literature Center. According to Noor, a lot of artists use photo cameras during their travels these days because it is convenient but it also leaves the viewer without a certain something.

Julia Bolshakova was born and raised in Moscow. She has drawn intermittently all through her life: in kindergarten, in school and at the university. When she was not drawing, she was painting. Bolshakova trained as an architect and she also works as an artist. Since 2009, Bolshakova has participated in multiple exhibitions in Italy, France, and Germany. Her first solo exhibition took place in 2013 in Ney, Germany.







Anna Forlati illustratsioon

Exhibition of the illustrator Anna Forlati in the children’s literature centre

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Anna Forlati illustratsioonThe solo exhibition of the Italian illustrator Anna Forlati will open in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre hall on July 30th, 2019. The exhibition will be open until 30th of August.

The Italian illustrator has been described as a chamelion of style. Despite the various approaches and techniques of her work the outcome is always mesmerizing. Her illustrations exude the innocence of a child and can be described with words like intimate and mysterious. Her work is also often described as magic realism and the repeating motifs are plants, trees, forests, gardens and other natural elements.

The illustrator has said about her variable style: „I like to experiment with different techniques, work on different atmospheres and with variable colour associations, according to the book or the project. I think that every book has its own peculiar imaginary that needs to be researched“. The selection of these stylistically versatile works are exhibited in the children’s literature centre.

Illustrator Anna Forlati was born in 1980 in Padua, Italy. She studied contemporary art and film history at the IUAV University in Venice and after receiving her degree dedicate herself to illustrating children’s books. She has illustrated more than 30 books and has taken part in several international illustration exhibitions. In 2012 she graduated from the ARS IN FABULA Illustration School’s Master’s program in Illustration for Publishing. Currently she is working at the same school as a professor of illustration.

More information from the artist’s web-page.

Viive Noor at the Rabka International Festival of Children’s Literature

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Estonian illustrator Viie Noor curated the illustration exhibition of the Rabka Festival of Children’s Literature that took place in the City of Rabka in Poland on July 9th–12th, 2019. Noor also conducted workshops and participated in a panel discussion regarding reading.

The festival opened on July 10th with the illustration exhibition “From the Mountains to the Sea”. On the 11th of July, Noor conducted the workshop “Summer in the Garden” and during the following day she participated in the panel discussion “How to read with kids and adults?” with Carola Gaede (International Youth Library, Munich) and Anna Janus-Sitarz (University of Jagiełło, Cracovie).

The festival dedicated to children’s literature took place in Rabka, Poland. Families had the opportunity to spend quality time in Rabka and learn about many art forms. The festival guests included noteworthy creators from Rabka and the rest of the world who came to meet their readers and form contacts for future collaboration purposes. This year’s guests that inspire kids to read included creators from Poland, Estonia, Germany, Sweden and Italy. Kids, as well as adults found fun activities from the festival programme.

The festival does not treat children as passive observers, but encourages them to create art in several workshops. The topic of this year’s festival “From the Mountains to the Sea” concentrated on books that touch upon the ways to protect the nature that surrounds us.

Nukk näituselt "5 tunnet"

Exhibition 5 Feelings in the children’s literature centre attic gallery

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Nukk näituselt "5 tunnet"The exhibition 5 Feelings will open in the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre Attic gallery on the 29th of June 2019. It will be available to the public until the 30th of August.

The exhibition will feature a selection of puppets that were exhibited in the international puppet art exhibition in the grand hall of the Artists’ Union in St. Petersburg. The exhibition was held in May and a part of it was an International art Project 5 Feelings curated by the Russian art scholar Tatjana Mohrjakova residing in Tallinn. The exhibition was held in the balcony hall of the Artists’ Union and in addition to puppets, it featured other art objects, ceramics, collage, and graphics. A selection of exhibited works will now be available for the Estonian public.

Studio 14 is an International studio that creates puppet art, ceramics, sculpture and graphics and operates in Estonia. The manager of the studio is the curator and art scholar Tatjana Mohrjakova.

Eno Raud’s Gothamites published in English

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American publisher Archipelago Books released the English translation of the beloved Estonian children’s book The Gothamites by Eno Raud in the beginning of June 2019. The book was translated to English by Adam Cullen and the book features illustrations by Estonian cartoonist and illustrator Priit Pärn.

The book was published under the new children’s imprint Elsewhere Editions from the Archipelago Books. The collection is devoted to publishing translations of imaginative picture books from all over the world to enrich children’s imagination and cultivate curiosity about other cultures.

The inspiration for The Gothamites tales are the funny stories and jokes from the 16th century about the inhabitants of the German town Schilda. The stories were introduced to the Estonian folklore by F. R. Kreuzwald – the author of the Estonian national epic Kalevipoeg. Eno Raud’s children’s adaption of the tales has delighted local readers since 1962 and his tales have seen many reprints. In 2016 the publisher Tänapäev reprinted the tales with new illustrations from Priit Pärn. The reprint became the basis for the English edition.

The Gothamites is practically the first Estonian children’s book published in the US. Previous publications include a few fairy tale collections. Publishing an Estonian book in English and in such a large book market as the United States is a major step forward. If a book has been published in a major language it is much easier to adapt and distribute it to other languages as well. Therefore, we can hope that The Gothamites will be soon available in other foreign languages as well. In addition to English, the rights to the book have been sold for the Spanish translation”, said the director of foreign relations of the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre Helena Koch.

More information: Elswhere Editions newsletter

Children’s Literature Center at the Family Fair in Vabaduse väljak

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Estonian Children’s Literature Centre will participate in the Family Day on the Freedom Square on June 15th, 2019. During the day, the centre will conduct fun activities for kids with NUKU Theatre and Miiamilla Children’s Museum. 

The Family Day is dedicated to 800th anniversary of the Danish flag Dannebrog and the 135th anniversary of the flag of the Republic of Estonia and it is a part of the official visit program of the The Queen of Denmark Margrethe II. The Queen of Denmark, as well as the President and the Prime Minister of Estonia will be the guests of honor of the family day.

The day will start at 11 o’clock. Participants will be able to enjoy choir singing, Danish jazz and Estonia folk music. There will be tents that introduce Estonian and Danish relations and the food street will offer best dishes from Estonian and Danish cuisine.

The youngest in the family will find fun activities through out the day. They can do arts and crafts in the children’s tent and make a kingdom of their own. A fun flag game will take place and the winners will be awarded with a weekend trip to Copenhagen and a visit to the local amusement park Tivoli.

The Family Day is organized by the Government Office in cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Tallinn.

More information regarding the Queen’s visit on the web-page of the Danish Embassy and the Family Day in Facebook.