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Anne Pikkov (1974) is an illustrator, graphic designer, and book designer. She graduated in graphic design from the Estonian Academy of Arts, worked at an advertising agency, and a visiting professor and vice rector of academic affairs at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Pikkov has illustrated 14 children’s books and contributed to the Estonian magazines Täheke, Pere ja Kodu, and Jamie. She has received many awards at annual Estonian book design and illustration competitions. Her art is ornamental, laconic, spiced with humour, and evocatively expressive.

My love is to draw pictures, to search for connections to my own life within them, to mix various techniques and materials, and to establish new associations. That is my emotional side. My rational side forces me to shape those outbursts of emotion into the rational pages of a book at a computer. The designer within me does not sleep; she always asks WHY and for whom I do anything. I enjoy spicing my works with humour and an evocative manner of expression, always experimenting and being curious.
Maybe it all began when as a child, I would stare at the clouds and see speeding ships and roaring tigers. Or when I snatched a white sheet from my mother’s linen closet and tried to make a home cinema, or when I drew paper dolls and pasted them together into wallpaper. Or when, during my gymnasium years, I collaborated with children’s magazines, illustrating crafts- and cooking pages.

A more conscious decision was probably my bachelor’s thesis, when our entire graphic-design course produced logos, but I decided to make a three-dimensional children’s book. After that came book covers, pictures for magazines and newspapers, and actual picture books. Then there were exhibitions, in which the works sometimes roam very far and bring back messages from unfamiliar observers. Then, you realize that the pictures are bridge-builders, helping to see similarities rather than differences between cultures.

Saar, Anti. Anni asjad (Anni’s Things), Kolm Elu 2020
Hinrikus, Kadri. Tohuvabohu (Pandemonium), Tallinna Keskraamatukogu 2019
Pikkov, Ülo. Kop-kop! (Knock, Knock!), Päike ja Pilv 2019
Hinrikus, Kadri. Katariina ja herned (Catherine and the Peas), Tammerraamat 2017
Sang, Joel. Tulge eile meile (Come Visit Yesterday), EKSA 2017
Laan, Triinu. Vana katkine kass = Vana katskinõ kass (The Old Broken Cat), Päike ja Pilv 2016
Dóka, Péter. Lilla kuningatütar (The Violet Princess), Varrak 2015; first published as: Dóka, Péter. Lila királylány. Budapest: Móra Könyvkiadó, 2014
Kivirähk, Andrus. Oskar ja asjad (Oskar and the Things), Film Distribution 2015
Moskvina, Marina. Mis juhtus krokodilliga? (What Happened to the Crocodile?), Päike ja Pilv 2014
Kivirähk, Andrus. Konna musi (A Frog Kiss), Varrak 2013
Uustulnd, Lembit. Ta ujub siiski (And Yet It Swims), Varrak 2011
Eesti lapse jubejutud (Scary Stories by Estonian Children), Tänapäev; Täheke 2008, with Ülo Pikkov
Pikkov, Ülo. Tähed ja Kuu (Stars and the Moon), Silmviburlane 2008
Kreutzwald, F. R. Kilplased (The Gothamites), Varrak 2004
Saaber, Kalju. Haruldast tõugu issi (A Rare Sort of Daddy), Varrak 2004

2017 25 Best Designed Estonian Books, Certificate of Merit (Kadri Hinrikus. Catherine and the Peas)
2017 5 Best Designed Estonian Children’s Books, Certificate of Merit (Joel Sang. Come Visit Yesterday)
2017 Good Children’s book (Kadri Hinrikus. Catherine and the Peas)
2016 Good Children’s book (Triinu Laan. The Old Broken Cat)
2015 25 Best Designed Estonian Books, 2 Certificates of Merit (Andrus Kivirähk. Oskar and the Things; Péter Dóka. The Violet Princess)
2015 5 Best Designed Estonian Children’s Books, Special prize for perfect harmony of form and content (Andrus Kivirähk. Oskar and the Things)
2015 Good Children’s book (Andrus Kivirähk. Oskar and the Things)
2014 5 Best Designed Estonian Children’s Books, Certificate of Merit (Marina Moskvina. What Happened to the Crocodile?)
2014 Good Children’s Book (Marina Moskvina. What Happened to the Crocodile?)
2013 25 Best Designed Estonian Books, Certificate of Merit (design – Reeli Reinaus. Practical Magic)
2013 Good Children’s Book (Andrus Kivirähk. A Frog Kiss)
2013 The Knee-High Book Competition, Honourable Mention for illustrations (In the Land of Bubbles)
2008 5 Best Designed Estonian Children’s Books, Special prize for a new and promising illustrator and designer (Ülo Pikkov. Moon and Stars)
2006 25 Best Designed Estonian Books, Certificate of Merit (design – David Lodge. Nice Work)
2005 25 Best Designed Estonian Books, Certificate of Merit (design – Silvia Rannamaa. For You, Mum)

Since 2005, Anne Pikkov has taken part in exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom.

2020 Tallinn Illustrations Triennial (TIT), Estonia
2015–2020 International illustration exhibition, “It’s Always Tea-Time”, Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, Tallinn; Riga, Latvia; Uusikaupunki, Finland; Gdansk, Wrocław, Toruń, Elbląg, Poland; Berlin, Germany; Szczecin, Płock, Poland; Budapest, Hungary; Oxford, the United Kingdom; Moscow, Krasnoarmeysk, Mytishchi, Vyborg, St. Petesburg, Russia
2015–2019 Exhibition of Estonian Illustrators, “Once Upon a Time…” (Grimm’s Fairy Tales), Aosta, Anagni, Lagonegro, Bernalda-Metaponto, Corato, Matera, Roma, Lacco Ameno, Irsina, Siracusa, Sassari, Roma, Bologna, Italy; Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, Tallinn; Minsk, Belarus; Kraków, Łomża, Białystok, Szczecin, Płock, Warszaw, Elbląg, Gdańsk, Opole, Poland
2016 Spring exhibition of Estonian illustrators, Estonian Children’s Literature Centre
2015–2016 Travelling exhibition, “Made with the Heart. Estonian Children’s Book Illustration”, Moscow, Krasnoarmeysk, Cheboksary, Russia
2015 Exhibition of the Works of Children’s Books Illustrators, “Baltic Illustration”, Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 Solo exhibition, NUKU Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia
2014 1st Riga Picture Book Quadrennial, “Picture Story”, Latvia
2014–2017 “Tallinn Illustration Triennial 2013. Estonian Illustrators”, Estonia, Poland
2013 Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB), Slovakia
2013 Tallinn Illustrations Triennial (TIT), Estonia
2013–2015 Exhibition by Estonian and Hungarian Illustrators, “Crisscross Stories”, Estonia, Hungary, the United Kingdom
2013 Travelling exhibition of Estonian illustration, “Etelästä tuulee – Lõunatuul puhub” (The South Wind Blows), Finland
2010–2011 Travelling Exhibition of Estonian Book Illustration, Russia, Finland
2009 Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB), Slovakia
2009 Spring Exhibition of Estonian Illustrators, Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, Tallinn
2008 Two-person exhibition with Ülo Pikkov, Estonian Children’s Literature Centre, Tallinn
2006 Tallinn Illustrations Triennial (TIT), Estonia

A Frog Kiss by Andrus Kivirähk
German: Frösche küssen, Potsdam:  Willegoos 2015
Russian: Поцелуй лягушку! Tallinn: Varrak 2014

Oskar and the Things by Andrus Kivirähk
Slovenian: Oskar in govoreči predmeti, Ljubljana: KUD Sodobnost International 2020
Latvian: Oskars un lietas, Riga: Liels un mazs 2018
Polish: Oskar i rzeczy, Widnokrąg 2018

The Old Broken Cat by Triinu Laan
Korean: 날아라, 고양이, Pink Whale Publishing 2017

The Violet Princess by Péter Dóka
Hungarian: Lila királylány, Móra Könyvkiadó 2014

What Happened to the Crocodile? by Marina Moskvina
Catalan: Què se’n va fer, del cocodril? Siruela 2017
Spanish: Qué le pasó al cocodrilo? Siruela 2017