Indrek Koff. “If I Were a Grandpa”

Reading sample

If I …

If I were a grandpa, then…

Yes – if I were a grandpa, then I would be one all-around m i g h t y grandfather, and I‘d have a lot of grandchildren. At least ten, but maybe so many as twelve or thirteen. We would have great fun together, and I think they would probably like me even more than their own mothers and fathers, because I would make them laugh all the time and would play all sorts of exciting games with them both night and day, and would always let them do all kinds of things.

The Tree

A massive maple tree would grow out in my yard. It would be so big that no other tree around it would be as tall. And it would be so thick that my grandchildren would only be able to hug it if seven of them all held hands around

it. It would have a lot of good climbing branches, too. We would climb to the top of the maple tree every day, and sometimes we would have Grandma bring our lunch to the treetop, because we would be pretending to be soldiers who have to make sure the enemy does not attack our land. Grandma would always stay in the tree with us, too, because it would be so nice standing guard up there.

In spring, though, I would bring a big drill out from the shed, bore a hole into the maple tree, stick a spout into the hole, and then put a big-big jar under the spout so that the maple would give us lots of its sweet syrup. And in the evening, when we were tired from hard work and running and playing, we would sit underneath the maple tree drinking the syrup and each thinking his or her own thoughts, because it would be the kind of tree that is good to think under.

Translated by Adam Cullen