Indrek Koff. If I Were a Grandpa

Illustrated by Kadi Kurema
2nd ed., Härra Tee & proua Kohvi 2020, 40 pp
ISBN 9789949986170
Age: 6+
Rights sold: Mari

In If I Were a Grandpa, a little boy dreams about one day becoming a grandfather. He would always be a fantastic grandpa to his grandchildren. He would play all kinds of exciting games with them and let them do all sorts of things all of the time. His grandchildren would be very good and well-behaved, so he would never really need to scold them. Grandpa and his grandkids would love one another and always have fun times together. Koff sees inter-generational harmony and strong mutual ties as being important elements of such relationships.

2013 Nominee of the Annual Children’s Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia