Piret Raud. “Slightly Silly Stories”

Reading sample

Egg was standing on his head. He enjoyed it and it amused him. If you stand on your head it feels as if the rest of the world is upside-down. It looked to egg as if the kitchen floor was the ceiling and the ceiling was the floor. The table hung from the ceiling by its legs, like a fly, as did all the chairs. The bread and cakes on the kitchen table were upside-down and the fridge was upside-down and even the clouds through the window were upside-down and the rain falling from the clouds was falling up instead of down.

“Awesome!” shouted the egg.“What’s awesome?” inquired the kettle. “Yoga,” the egg replied. “Yoga is when you stand on your head and it makes you feel healthier and happy.” “I want to try yoga and feel healthier,” said the kettle, who felt a bit snuffly. He arranged himself so he was standing on his head, like the egg. “You have to breathe as well,” said the egg, and the kettle breathed carefully, “Phhhhhhhhh!” As he did so a small trickle ran out of his spout and the kettle realised how pleasant and easy breathing was when his spout wasn’t running. Yoga really was awesome.

The other kitchen-dwellers noticed the improvement in the kettle’s health and wanted to try standing on their heads too. The table and the chairs and the fridge, the pots and pans, the crockery and food, in fact the whole kitchen turned itself upside-down. They were all thrilled and happy because they noticed interesting changes in themselves. For example the green tomato, who had been put on the window-sill for ripening, went a beautiful red from her face upwards by standing on her head. By dropping all its rubbish, the bin under the sink felt wonderfully light and inwardly pure. Yoga had a positive effect on everyone.

Only the egg was no longer happy about standing on his head any more because now that everything had turned itself upside-down it looked to the egg as if they were the right way up again and were not amusing in the least. So the egg turned himself back the right way up and looked at the world upside-down again in comfort. What’s more, no-one in the whole kitchen noticed because, as you already know, eggs have a head at the top and the bottom.

Translated by Susan Wilson