Piret Raud. “Emma Loves Pink”

Reading sample

This is Emma. She loves the colour pink.

Emma loves pink ribbon.

Emma loves pink dress and pink hat and pink umbrella.

Emma loves pink toothbrush.

Emma loves pink cup, pink comb and pink bike.

Emma has many beautiful pink things. Still she wants everything to be even more pink.

Emma wants trees to be pink and butterflies and bees to be pink.

And a snowman could also be pink!

Even the moon and the stars could be pink according to Emma.

And the rain and the rainbow!

Emma simply adores pink!

Today is Emma’s birthday.

On that important day everything is pink of course, both Emma’s birthday table, candles and flowers.

Emma is waiting for her friend Ferdinand to arrive.

Oh! There’s the doorbell!

Happy Birthday!
Ferdinand has a present for Emma.

What could this be?

Hope something pink!

Oh, no! Not pink at all!

But a green cabbage!

What to do with such?

Perhaps taste it?

Mmm… Yummy!

This is a really good cabbage! Tasty and also beautiful!

Thank you, dear Ferdinand!

Wow! A kiss!

Ferdinand is so delighted that his face turns pink.

Oh, how great! Emma still loves pink, but actually she loves green too!