Indrek Koff. Nice

Koff-Indrek-IlustiIllustrated by Ulla Saar
Härra Tee & Proua Kohvi 2016, 54 pp
ISBN 978-9949-38-859-2
Age: 5+

Rights sold: Finnish, German

Leen and Oskar are big and busy kids! When they have a day off from preschool and their grandmother comes to keep an eye on them, the children decide to be especially good so that their mother will be pleased when she gets home. They tidy up their rooms, do the laundry, and clean their shoes. To top it off, they even make their mother a pie. They do these things all on their own, without any help from Grandma. Will their mother like what they’ve done?

2016 5 Best Designed Estonian Children’s Books, Special Prize of the Estonian Graphic Designers’ Assocation for illustration
2016 Good Children’s Book