Piret Raud. The Story of Sander, Muri, the Eensy Mum, and the Invisible Aksel

Piret Raud. „Lugu Sandrist, Murist, tillukesest emmest ja nähtamatust Akslist”. Tänapäev, 2015, autori illustratsioonidIllustrated by the author
Tänapäev 2015, 99 pp
ISBN 9789949278176
Storybook, fiction
Age: 8+

Rights sold: French, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latvian

Sander is an ordinary boy who lives with his mother on the first storey of an apartment building near a big park. Like most other boys his age, Sander loves football, chocolate ice cream, and sleeping in on Sundays. Sander’s mum is also as normal as can be – at least up until the day she shrinks to the size of a little Lego-man. From then onward, incredible things start happening to Sander and his mother, as well as to the stray dog Muri, the invisible boy Aksel, the colourful Uncle Allan, and a society of ladies who are obsessed with their teddy bears.

2015 Annual Children’s Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia
2015 Good Children’s Book