Kairi Look. “The Isle of Messy-Haired Princesses”

Reading sample

It happened one summer morning when messy-haired princesses were sunbathing on the beach. In the sea bobbed a terrible man with a moustache a black eye patch and a knife on his belt.

“CARAMBA!” he shouted and climbed on the shore.

“Good morning! Who are you?” asked the princesses, inspecting the stranger curiously.

“A pirate,” the pirate growled. “And you?” “Princesses,” replied the princesses.

“You liars!” shouted the pirate. “Just look at you! Not one princess has such messy and tangled hair! You ever brush it or what? Huh?” Princesses couldn’t believe their ears and softly touched their hair.

“And this island – I’m seizing it for myself,” the pirate screamed. “GET LOST! RIGHT AWAY!” Princesses exchanged looks and tied the pirate to the tree. The pirate didn’t like this one bit.

“Let me go!” he hollered, wriggling in the ropes. “Are you joking?’ said the princesses. “Do you think we are stupid?! Better sit quiet and think well what you said!”

The pirate grew still and started to sob. He looked miserable. Princesses took out their handkerchiefs and helped him blow his nose. The pirate blubbered and then whispered: “It’s just that I’ve got NO-where to go. I was awfully poor at pirating, and the others chased me away.”

Princesses felt sorry for the pirate. They whispered together, then patted his head and untied the man. “Come on, don’t go crying like this,” they said. “You could do easily something else!”

The pirate sighed, eyed their hair and fished a comb out of his pocket. “I always wanted to be a hairdresser…” he whispered and picked at the comb.

“Did you? Really!” the princesses squealed. “A hairdresser?! Hip Hip Hooray!”

And so the pirate stayed on the princesses island. Every morning, he gave them lovely hairdos and combed out all the tangles – every single one!

Translated by Adam Cullen