Kairi Look. The Kooky Museum of Mr. Glass

Kairi Look. „Härra Klaasi pöörane muuseum”. Tallinna Keskraamatukogu, 2016, illustreerinud Marge NelkIllustrated by Marge Nelk
Tallinna Keskraamatukogu 2016, 72 pp
ISBN 9789949935383
Storybook, fiction
Age: 7+

One day when Mr. Robert’s students leave after a busy day at school, a snow-white parrot flies up to the classroom window. The bird is carrying a newspaper with an ad inviting children to attend the art museum’s special program, “Real and Pretend”. Without thinking twice, Mr. Robert decides to take his students, and before long the curious and excited first-graders are crossing the art museum’s doorstep. It soon turns out that the museum, which seemed boring at first, has quite a lot of mystery to it. The museum’s director – Mr. Glass, who has a long green mustache – is just as mysterious himself. Will the children find out what is real and what is pretend?