Anti Saar. Pärt Can’t Do a Backflip

Illustrated by Anna Ring
Päike ja Pilv 2017, 25 pp
ISBN 9789949986231
Picturebook, fiction
Age: 7+

Rights sold: Hungarian, Latvian, Polish, Russian

One day when Pärt goes outside, the neighbor-girl Kaisa is already jumping on the trampoline. She starts teasing the boy because he can’t do a backflip. At first, he tries to ignore Kaisa, but she won’t quit taunting him. Pärt becomes furious, but he can’t hit her because only one person is allowed on the trampoline at a time. Yet when Kaisa leaves to buy ice cream, Pärt climbs onto the trampoline, wipes away his tears, and gathers up his courage…

2018 “Järje Hoidja” Award of the Tallinn Central Library