Piret Raud. All My Relatives

Illustrated by the author
Tänapäev 2017, 116 pp
ISBN 9789949852314
Storybook, fiction
Age: 7+

Right sold: French

One day, Adam’s teacher gives him an assignment to draw his family tree. The boy starts writing down his relatives and finds that they certainly won’t all fit on the tree – he’ll have to make a centipede with one relative for each leg! He can’t fail to include his Aunt Mari, who treasures curiosities, his Uncle Kaupo, who just won’t give up smoking, his foulmouthed Uncle Marko, his little brother Abe, who gets into all his things, or his football-fanatic older brother Tony; not to mention his Aunty Airy, who is almost unnoticeable. As Adam’s dad says: “You don’t choose your relatives.”

2017 Good Children’s Book