Piret Raud. Emma Loves Pink

Illustrated by the author
Tammerraamat, 2015
165 x 165 mm, 38 pp
ISBN 9789949526925
Picturebook, fiction
Age: 3+

Rights sold: Italian, Japanese, Polish

1st small format edition available also as an e-book: English, Japanese

This book is dedicated to all little girls who love the colour pink. Emma is a little hare who loves only pink things. She has lots of them: a pink cup, pink hair bands, pink slippers, a pink toothbrush… even a pink mobile phone and an aquarium filled with pink fish. But this is not enough for her. At Emma’s birthday, everything is pink, too. Everything except a present from her friend Ferdinand the Frog: a green cabbage. Emma is disappointed at first, but after taking a bite, she realizes that maybe green is just as good as pink after all!