Anti Saar. The Visit

Illustrated by Anna Ring
Päike ja Pilv 2017, 24 pp
ISBN 9789949986279
Picturebook, fiction
Age: 7+

In spring, when the apple trees begin to blossom, Robby’s grandmother dies. When autumn arrives and the apples are ripe on the trees, the boy decides to visit his grandfather in the countryside, even though he reckons it will be a sad trip to take alone. He and his grandfather go fishing together, play checkers, and watch football on TV. Then, one evening, Robby takes a walk through the orchard. Spotting a nice-looking apple under his favourite tree, he picks it up. Yet right as the boy is about to sink his teeth into it, he notices a little worm who beckons him to follow it into a wormhole. Inside the fruit, a whole world that summons strong memories of his grandmother starts to unfold.

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