Piret Raud. “The Story of the Little House Who Wanted to Be a Home”

Reading sample


The little house continued on her way.

Soon, the day was coming to an end. It was time for everyone to head back to their homes. The sun was rolling to the west, a cloud was sailing to the east, and the breeze was settling down in its treetop.

No one paid the little house any attention.


Dusk arrived. All the homes were filled with someone; only the little house was still empty and alone. Nobody wanted her. She felt so miserable that she started to cry.

Suddenly, she heard someone whisper:

“Look at how homey you are!”

The house looked around, but couldn’t see anybody.


“Who are you?” she asked.

“I’m a lonely ghost,” the voice replied. “Please let me move in!”

“But that’s impossible,” the little house wailed. “There’s no such thing as ghosts!”

“You’re right,” the ghost agreed. “There’s not. And that’s exactly why I feel so lonely.”

Now, the ghost started to cry, too, and so, they cried there side by side.

Oh, how many tears they shed!


Actually, being lonely together like that felt wonderful. The little house wiped away her tears and smiled.

“It doesn’t matter that there’s no such thing as you,” she said, “On the contrary: this way, I don’t have to go and change myself for anyone. You are most welcome to live here!”


The ghost smiled, too, and moved in at once.

It’s true that he didn’t exist, but that didn’t matter. He was the little HOME’s very own ghost, and was very dear to her.


Translated by Adam Cullen