Anti Saar. Stand Here, Pärt!

Illustrated by Anna Ring
Päike ja Pilv 2018, 25 pp
ISBN 9789949722402
Picturebook, fiction
Age: 7+

Rights sold: Danish, Hungarian, Latvian, Polish, Russian

Pärt and his dad go to the grocery store. Once they’ve selected their purchases, they get in line to pay. But then, Dad remembers he forgot to get yeast. He asks Pärt to keep their place in line with the shopping basket and vanishes among the aisles in a flash. Pärt waits, feeling like a big boy. But the fewer customers there are left ahead of him, the more he starts to worry. What on Earth could have happened to Dad? What will happen to him if it comes his turn to pay and Dad still hasn’t returned?

2019 Tartu Prize for Children’s Literature (Childhood Prize) nominee