Leelo Tungal. The Elves Get Busy

Illustrated by Pille Tammela
Tammerraamat 2018, 60 pp
ISBN 9789949616626
Storybook, fiction
Age: 6+

Sweets and presents couldn’t make it into children’s stockings without the help of elves. For instance, Peep the Fairy Tale Land elf gets a promotion just before Christmas and delivers all the right candies to fairy-tale characters near and far – be they Little Red Riding Hood; Snow White; or even Rapunzel, high in her tower. However, little Priit, who lives far away in a mountain village, is completely unaware of his heritage. Once he finally discovers it, he also finds his place in life and becomes the best stocking-stuffing elf in the whole world. Children staying at a polar science station in Antarctica and even in a kangaroo tent in Australia needn’t worry – the inventive elves know just how to bring joy to everyone.