Jaanus Vaiksoo. Shoe #39

Illustrated by Katrin Kaev
Ärkel 2019, 183 pp
ISBN 9789949727223
Storybook, fiction
Age: 12+

Paul the fifth grader oversleeps for the first time in his life and doesn’t make it to school. Yet when he goes out to get a breath of fresh air, it turns out that the day’s extraordinary events aren’t over yet. A series of escapades unfolds, starring the world’s most beautiful saleswoman Yekaterina, the artistic Arthur, and Arthur’s spunky daughter Minna. The leading role in all these events, however, belongs to a strange man who buys a brand-new pair of size-39 shoes every day without trying them on first. Why would anyone do that? Will Paul manage to figure out the shoe-man’s secret?

2020 The White Ravens
2019 Annual Children’s Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia
2019 Good Children’s Book