Children’s Literature

Children’s literature allows children to enter the world of books and develop reading habits, encouraging a life-long interest in books. Stories told during childhood are remembered brightly, characters children encounter in books take root in their hearts and become role models. Children’s literature helps a young person to understand things in the world, helping to shape their worldview and values. It is for this reason that both the writing and reading of children’s books are very important.

Estonia has a rich field of children’s literature. About 700 children’s books are published every year, one fourth of them are the works of Estonian authors. In this large and broad selection, the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre is a guide for orienting in children’s literature and finding the right books.

On this web-site, we introduce Estonian authors and illustrators of children’s literature, while casting a glance at its history, which within a couple of centuries has transformed into a rich and cherished treasure trove. We also organise thematic creative competitions in the field of children`s literature, held in cooperation with the Centre and publishers in Estonia or abroad. Previous award winners often take part in these creative competitions. On the page you can also find news about events concerning children’s literature and many other interesting materials.

We invite you to discover the World of Estonian Children`s Literature!