Piret Raud. Ernesto’s Rabbits

Piret Raud. „Ernesto küülikud”. Tänapäev, 2010, autori illustratsioonidIllustrated by Piret Raud
Tänapäev 2004, 2010, 158 pp
ISBN 9985-62-276-6
Storybook, fiction
Age: 8+

Ernesto, an unemployed magician, finds work at a rabbit farm. He raises seven rabbits: reading them bedtime stories, performing tricks and dancing. When he finds out that his pets will be used for making coats, he runs away and takes the seven rabbits with him.  The rabbits have many things in common with the seven dwarfs. Each of them has their own character and their own special powers and skills. As a team, they accomplish heroic deeds: saving a fellow rabbit from the butcher’s knife, etc. For the price of all the hardships and adventures, the whole group finds a wonderful home, and Ernesto finds the love of his life.

2004 Children’s Story competition “My First Book”, 1st place