Piret Raud. Princess Lulu and Mr Bones

Piret Raud. „Printsess Luluu ja härra Kere”. Tänapäev, 2008, autori illustratsioonidIllustrated by the author
Tänapäev 2008, 2014, 208 pp
ISBN 9789985627020
Age: 9+

Rights sold: French, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian

Princess Lulu lives a safe and, perhaps, even somewhat boring life in a big castle with her mom and dad. Then, her toothpaste starts disappearing every night. The princess sets out to solve the mystery. Lying in wait, Lulu’s efforts are met with success. It turns out that Mr Bones has needed the toothpaste to keep his skeleton nice and strong! The princess feels bad for Mr Bones, who has been hiding out in her father’s tight squeeze of a closet, and decides to show him a little bit of the world. Alas, they run into trouble, and Mr Bones’s jealously-guarded briefcase filled with state secrets disappears. Now, the pair must get it back before the king’s great secret is revealed.

2012 IBBY Honour List for writing
2011 Children and Young Adult Jury, Latvia, 1st place (Grades 3–4) 
Spring 2009 Good Children’s Book
2008 Annual Children’s Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia