Piret Raud. Tobias, Second Grade

Piret Raud. „Tobias ja teine B”. Mustvalge Kirjastus, 2010, illustreerinud Hillar MetsIllustrated by Hillar Mets
Mustvalge 2010, 2015, 109 pp
ISBN 9789949214266
Age: 7+

Rights sold: Hungarian, Latvian

Tobias is in the second grade. Everyone in his class is special. Uku owns a pig named Piggly, and his parents have long hair. Linda practices ballet and knows the meaning of the word “autograph”. Gregor is smart, but he likes to quarrel. Kiril is from Belarus and Pekka is from Finland. Otto loves food and Robert likes cars. Villu is so modest that all the ohter kids forget he even exists. All of the book’s 20 separate stories are written with genuine warmth and humour.

2010 Good Children’s Book