Leelo Tungal. Felix the Hedgehog and Kerli the Elf

Leelo Tungal. „Siil Felix ja päkapliks Kerli”. Varrak, 2004, illustreerinud Regina Lukk-ToompereIllustrated by Regina Lukk-Toompere
Varrak 2004, 88 pp
ISBN 9985-3-0931-6
Picturebook, fiction
Age: 5+

It’s Christmastime. The animals wake Felix up, as the little elf-girl Kerli intends to arrange a big Christmas party in the zoo, and the hedgehog has to quickly compose some Christmas carols. When the animals realize that a hedgehog woken up out of its hibernation is doomed, they quickly act to save his life.

2006 Nukits Competition, 3rd prize for text and illustrations (for the trilogy)
2005 Baltic’s Best Designed Books, 3rd prize
2004 5 Best-Designed Children’s Books