Leelo Tungal. Kristiina, the Middle One

Leelo Tungal. „Kristiina, see keskmine”. Tänapäev 2008, illustreerinud Kirke KangroIllustrated by Kirke Kangro
Tänapäev 2008, 2014, 167 pp
ISBN 9789985626603
Storybook, fiction
Age: 9+

Kristiina, the Middle One is a humorous story about a slightly eccentric family in the 1980s. The family includes a father, a mother, and three daughters: the schoolgirl Helen, 6-year-old Kristiina, and baby Imbi. They have a dog called Lassie, and often get visits from Grandma and Grandpa. Kristiina is a bubbly and enterprising girl, and her life is never boring: a bottle of ink breaks, so she smears it all over herself; she hangs her house key around the wrong dog’s neck, who then runs off with it; and she teaches the lifts at her music school how to beat out a rhythm. It’s a family story filled with love, warmth, and funny situations!

The illustrator Kirke Kangro is Leelo Tungal’s daughter, and coincidentally also the middle daughter of the family, which provided a wealth of inspiration for the book!

1992 Nukits Competition, 2nd place