Leelo Tungal. “Tales of Miriam”

Reading sample

In a small town lives a small, spunky girl. Of course, other small spunky girls live in the same small town too – however this book is about a girl named Miriam.

We speak about Miriam because she is never, ever bored, since her list of activities and things to do never seems to end. And when she does run out of things to do at any moment, Miriam’s little brother and other people make sure that the girl never becomes bored.

We won’t get bored with her either!

True, the fact that Miriam has such a swell tiny brother certainly might make some people jealous! However the kinds of moments do come up when Miriam thinks an only child’s life would be much more pleasant than squabbling with a little scoundrel – right then would be the perfect time for those jealous people to go and ask to have her little brother for themselves! Although… Miriam would hardly want to actually give up her little brother… and on top of that, Miriam and her little brother also have a mother and a father who naturally care for both their children the exact same.

Sometimes Miriam really feels that her little brother is spoiled too much. Now and then it seems to her little brother that Miriam is allowed to do much more than he is. However our tiny characters play together nicely, for the most part. And that is how it should be!

Translated by Adam Cullen