Sirly Oder

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Illustrator, visual merchandiser, social media manager



+372 53 732086

Sirly Oder (1983) is an illustrator, content creator for social media and visual merchandiser for a book store. She graduated in scenography from the Estonian Academy of Arts and has been an artist for a wealth of Estonian theatre productions, TV commercials and short films. She currently works for the Rahva Raamat book store and manages their visual solutions as well as illustrating children’s books as a freelancer. She has illustrated several children’s books and has been awarded in the 25 Best-Designed Estonian Books competition. Her style features the personalisation of modern design combined with cuteness, darkness and humour.

I quite often feel amazed by illustrations in picture books, I admire different artists and their unique styles. There’s a pure joy inside me when I look at the illustrations I love. While illustrating a book I aim for the kids to feel the same way. Every book I illustrate is a compromise between what I like now as an adult and what I would have liked when I was about seven years old. I was a book loving kid and it would make me very happy if I’d manage to make some kids fall in love with books and reading with my illustrations.

Maasik, Jana. Õnnekaare õed ja Vimkavennad (The Sisters and Trouble-Brothers of Joybow Street), Tänapäev 2020
Uus, Eia. Seitsme maa ja mere taha (Over the Hills and Far Away), Postimees Kirjastus 2019
Aun, Anu. Eia seiklus Tondikakul (Eia’s Countryside Adventure), Postimees Kirjastus 2019
Koch, Helena. Loomaaed lasteaias (A Zoo at Preschool), Päike ja Pilv 2019
Piiper, Kristi. Meie uues kodus kummitab (Our New Home is Haunted), Tänapäev 2019
Üks koll läks ükskord kooli. Eesti lapse kõige uuemad jubejutud (A Monster Went to School Once. The Most Recent Horrible Tales of Estonian Children), Tänapäev 2018
Käit, Helen. Kummitusmaja (The Haunted House), Tänapäev 2018
Rohelise limakolli kättemaks. Eesti laste jubejutud (Revenge of the Green Mucus-Monster. New Horrible Tales of Estonian Children), with Marion Undusk, Tänapäev 2016

2020 Nukits competition, 2nd place (Anu Aun. Eia’s Countryside Adventure)
2016 25 Best Designed Estonian Books, Certificate of Merit (Revenge of the Green Mucus-Monster. New Horrible Tales of Estonian Children)

2019 Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB), Slovakia
2019 Spring exhibition of Estonian illustrators, Estonian Children’s Literature Centre