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Anti Saar (1980) is a writer and translator who graduated from the University of Tartu in semiotics. Saar has translated over 30 works from French into Estonian and has written eight highly popular children’s books to date. He enjoyed immediate acclaim with his first book The Way Things Are with Us, which was selected for the 2014 White Ravens Catalogue in addition to receiving several awards in Estonia. Saar immerses himself in the world of children and is capable of glimpsing what is special in ordinary everyday life. His stories, which tend to ricochet from reality, are fluid, witty, and sensitively worded.

Pärt Goes Full Circle
After a long day at school, Pärt rides the bus home. Exhaustion gets the better of him as his eyelids sink shut. When he wakes up with a start, the bus doors are already closing and the vehicle is pulling away from his home stop. Pärt doesn’t know what to do – he certainly can’t ask the driver to halt or turn around and drop him off at the right place!
Pärt and the Plums
As Pärt is plodding home from school, a big blue plum falls on the sidewalk in front of him. Without thinking twice, the boy picks it up and sinks his teeth into it. How delicious it is! Pärt would gladly pop a few more of the sweet plums into his mouth, but the rest of them have no intention of falling – they simply swing softly on the tree in a stranger’s yard.
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Pärt and the Last Piece of Cake
Aunt Asta comes to visit with a cake box under her arm. It’s a Napoleon cake, which is Pärt’s favorite! When she cuts it into six pieces, the boy realizes that if everyone takes one slice, then there will still be one left over. To make sure he gets the last one, Pärt modestly takes the slimmest slice of all at first. Yet once he finishes eating, the boy suddenly loses the nerve to ask for the very last piece..
Stand Here, Pärt!
Pärt and his dad go to the grocery store. Once they’ve selected their purchases, they get in line to pay. But then, Dad remembers he forgot to get yeast. He asks Pärt to keep their place in line with the shopping basket and vanishes among the aisles in a flash. Pärt waits, feeling like a big boy. But the fewer customers there are left ahead of him, the more he starts to worry.
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Pärt Can’t Do a Backflip
One day when Pärt goes outside, the neighbor-girl Kaisa is already jumping on the trampoline. She starts teasing the boy because he can’t do a backflip. At first, he tries to ignore Kaisa, but she won’t quit taunting him. Pärt becomes furious, but he can’t hit her because only one person is allowed on the trampoline at a time.
The Visit
In spring, when the apple trees begin to blossom, Robby’s grandmother dies. When autumn arrives and the apples are ripe on the trees, the boy decides to visit his grandfather in the countryside, even though he reckons it will be a sad trip to take alone. He and his grandfather go fishing together, play checkers, and watch football on TV.
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Anti Saar. „Juturaamat”. Tänapäev, 2016, illustreerinud Jüri MildebergStorybook
Young and talented Estonian writer Anti Saar’s Storybook contains ten philosophical tales of bizarre adults. Among these are Hillar, who takes a long time to work up momentum for everything he does; Vahur, who is practicing for a complete change of scenery; Jaanus, who is enthralled by water toys; Asko, who wishes to be average at everything; Timmy, who has lost his shadow; and others.
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Anti Saar „Kuidas meil asjad käivad“The Way Things Are With Us
The Way Things Are With Us is a humorous book about life in a completely ordinary family. Vassel lives in a nice little Estonian town with his mother, father, and little brother Joona, who is just two-and-a-half years old. Vassel shows the way things are in his family – how they read, write, and draw; cook and eat; tell ghost stories; argue; wait up for elves to bring presents around Christmastime; drive in the car; go to sleep; get lost; play football...
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2018 Raisin of the Year Award (Milda, Master Michel, and I)
2018 Good Children’s Book (Stand Here, Pärt!)
2017 “Järje Hoidja” Award of the Tallinn Central Library (Pärt Can’t Do a Backflip)
2017 Good Children’s Book (The Visit)
2015 Good Children’s Book (Urmas the Maintenance Man)
2014 The White Ravens (The Way Things Are With Us)
2013 Annual Children’s Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia (The Way Things Are With Us)
2013 Raisin of the Year Award (The Way Things Are With Us)
2013 Good Children’s Book (The Way Things Are With Us)

The Way Things Are With Us
Hungarian: Így mennek nálunk a dolgok, Cser 2018
Polish: Ja, Jonasz i cała reszta, Wydawnictwo Widnokrąg 2018
Latvian: Tā iet mūsu lietas, Liels un mazs 2017
Russian in Estonia: Как у нас идут дела, Издательство «КПД» 2017

The Story of an Invention (chapter from the “Storybook”)
Italian: Una piccola grande invenzione, Sinnos 2017

Pärt läheb uuele ringile (Pärt Goes Full Circle), Päike ja Pilv 2019, illustrated by Anna Ring, 25 pp
Mina, Milda ja meister Michel (Milda, Master Michel, and I), Eesti Kunstimuuseum 2018, illustrated by Urmas Viik, 81 pp
Pärt ja ploomid (Pärt and Plums), Päike ja Pilv 2018, illustrated by Anna Ring, 25 pp
Pärt ja viimane koogitükk (Pärt and the Last Piece of Cake), Päike ja Pilv 2018, illustrated by Anna Ring, 25 pp
Seisa siin, Pärt! (Stand Here, Pärt!), Päike ja Pilv 2018, illustrated by Anna Ring, 25 pp
Külaskäik (The Visit), Päike ja Pilv 2017, illustrated by Anna Ring, 24 pp
Pärt ei oska saltot (Pärt Can’t Do a Backflip), Päike ja Pilv 2017, illustrated by Anna Ring, 25 pp
Juturaamat (Storybook), Tänapäev 2016, illustrated by Jüri Mildeberg, 76 pp
Kojamees Urmas (Urmas the Maintenance Man), Päike ja Pilv 2015, illustrated by Ulla Saar, 32 pp
Kuidas meil asjad käivad (The Way Things Are With Us), Tänapäev 2013, illustrated by Alvar Jaakson, 136 pp