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Ilmar Tomusk (1964) is a civil servant and children’s writer. He graduated from the Tallinn Pedagogical Institute in Estonian language and literature education, and currently works as Chief Director of the Estonian Language Inspectorate. Tomusk has written more than 30 children’s books. His humorous stories, which alternate between elements of realism and fantasy, tell of clever, busy children’s everyday activities and adventures. Testament to his popularity among young readers are his three Nukits Awards in addition to several other reader’s-choice prizes.

The Brave Hedgehog
The hedgehog kids Oke and Doke want to go to school next autumn so they can grow up to be smart. Their mommy and daddy decide to show the little hedgehogs the way that very summer. After packing some snacks for the road, the family sets out. “It’s not so hard at all,” daddy hedgehog says encouragingly. “When I was your age, I made it there every school day, no problem.”
Who Wants to Be a Ghost?
Eight-year-old Peeter and his parents live in an old building. Their apartment is nice, except for the fact that the hot water always runs out. So, Peeter’s dad decides to cheer up his family by installing a new shower cubicle. He has to drill a hole in the bathroom wall in order to run new pipes up from the basement.
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The Carrot Pie
Carrot pie is a tasty treat. To make it, you need ten fun characters to play along: the useful Felicity-Margaret Flour, the snow-white and easy-to-spill Mark Milk, the mysterious Yuri Yeast, the incredible Bartholemew Butter, the noble Solomon Salt, the sweettooth’s favourite Sam Sugar, the tireless traveller Roland Rice, the modest but busy Ellen Egg, the spicy Penelope Pepper, and, of course, the star of this pie – Carolina Carrot.
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Little Whiskers
Little Whiskers has been left all alone. She’s always been well-cared-for before, but one day, the legs that are so nice to rub up against stop coming. Neither do the hands that pour milk into her saucer or make her purr in delight when they pet her show up. The room is cold and dark now that the hands and legs have disappeared. Whiskers is hungry and shivering.
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Wolf’s Friends
It’s Christmastime in the woods. A thick blanket of snow has covered the trees, bushes, and ground. The forest animals have already gotten their presents. Santa brought Wolf new ice skates: how fun it is to slide across the mirror-smooth ice with them! But suddenly, the poor animal slips and has such an unfortunate fall that he twists his ankle.
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Bedtime Tales Done Dad’s Way
What is one to do when Mom, who usually tells the bedtime stories at home, has a lot of work to do, but her little girl can’t fall asleep without one? There’s no other option than for Dad to take the reins and tell them himself. Story times start out a little clumsily, but gradually gain more and more momentum, and soon, Dad’s stories become little Marta’s favourites.
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The Forensics Kids of Class 3A
"The Forensics Kids of Class 3A" is the first of a six-part series of crime novels for children, the main characters of which are two child-detectives named Piia and Mati (a.k.a. Kribu and Krabu). When their teacher discusses incunabula one day, the children bring in a very old, rare, and expensive Bible from home. Yet one night, the book is stolen from a display in the school library, and the police can’t find any clues at the crime scene.
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Tomusk-Amanda-patsidAmanda’s Pigtails
Thirty-five-year-old Amanda, who works at a handkerchief factory, feels lonely. She has a mother and a father, of course, but is short on friends, with whom to spend her time. Her mind often wanders back to childhood, when her parents’ love was limitless, life was fun and full of excitement, and she had playmates galore. One day, Amanda’s dream comes true, and she wakes up as a little girl.
Tomusk-Rasmuse-vuntsidRasmus’ Moustache
Five-year-old Rasmus wants to be grown up more than anything. It’s such a bother climbing up onto the high toilet, brushing his teeth, and constantly having to obey his parents. One morning, the boy really does wake up to be a full-grown man – moustache and all. Rasmus is delighted at first, but before long, it turns out that adult life isn’t as rosy as the boy believed.
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2020 Nukits Competition, 3rd/4th place (The Detectives of Sunnywood Retirement Home)
2019 Raisin of the Year Award (Unrelated Relations)
2019 Good Children’s Book (Unrelated Relations)
2018 Nukits Competition, 1st place (Adventures of an Amateur Time Traveler, Adventures in a Parallel World)
2018 Good Children’s Book (Wolf’s Friends)
2016 Nukits Competition, 1st place (The Criminal Summer Break, The Criminal Road-Trippers, The Criminal Bank President)
2016 “Järje Hoidja” Award of the Tallinn Central Library (The Criminal Bank President: The Forensics Kids are Back)
2014 Nukits Competition, 1st place (The Forensics Kids of Class 3A, The Criminal Hot-Dog Pastries, The Criminal School-Pops)
2013 “Järje Hoidja” Award of the Tallinn Central Library (The Forensics Kids of Class 3A)
2012 Good Children’s Book (The Forensics Kids of Class 3A)
2011 Annual Children’s Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia (Volli’s Old Tricks)
2011 Good Children’s Book (Volli’s Old Tricks)
2004 Republic of Estonia Order of the White Star, V Class

All Moms Are Good
English: All Mothers Are Good, Tallinn: Elford Press 2020

Hi, Volli!
Russian: Привет, Волли!, Tallinn: Aleksandra 2012

The Criminal Hot-Dog Pastries
Russian: Криминальные пирожки с сосисками, Tallinn: Aleksandra 2017

The Forensics Kids of Class 3A
Russian: Криминалисты из третьего «А», Tallinn: Aleksandra 2017

Wolf’s Friends
Ukrainian: Друзі Вовчика, Львів: Видавництво Старого Лева 2020

Footoni seiklused (The Adventures of Photon), Tammerraamat 2020, illustrated by Heiki Ernits, 88 pp
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Kõik isad teevad pannkooke, Elford Press 2020, illustrated by Maite Kotta, 64 pp
Linnutee südames, Tammerraamat 2020, illustrated by Hillar Mets, 240 pp
Vapper siil (The Brave Hedgehog), Tammerraamat 2020, illustrated by Catherine Zarip, 32 pp
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Triinu tomat (Triinu’s Tomato), Tammerraamat 2017, illustrated by Urmas Nemvalts, 70 pp
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Kriminaalsed automatkajad. Meistriklass: seitsmenda A kriminalistid (The Criminal Road-Trippers – Advanced Class: The Forensics Kids of Class 7A), Tammerraamat 2014, illustrated by Hillar Mets, 144 pp
Nuustik (The Loofah), Tammerraamat 2014, illustrated by Urmas Nemvalts, 136 pp
Volli läheb tööle (Volli Goes to Work), Tänapäev 2014, illustrated by Kirke Kangro, 148 pp
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Volli vanad vigurid (Volli’s Old Tricks), Tänapäev 2011, illustrated by Kirke Kangro, 141 pp
Lõpuaktus (Graduation), Tammerraamat 2010, illustrated by Hillar Mets, 120 pp
Pöörane puhkus Parakatkus (The Crazy Caracat Vacation), Tammerraamat 2010, illustrated by Illu Erma, 160 pp
Vend Johannes (Brother Johannes), Tänapäev 2009, illustrated by Illu Erma, 184 pp
Tere, Volli! (Hi, Volli!), Tänapäev 2007, illustrated by Kirke Kangro, 124 pp