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children’s author, literary scholar, instructor


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Jaanus Vaiksoo (1967) is a children’s author, literary scholar, and instructor. He graduated from Tallinn University in Estonian language and literature. Vaiksoo has written over 20 books of stories and poetry for children and has contributed to the children’s magazine Täheke. Additionally, he has published a book of ABCs, scripts for television and TV films, and an adventure libretto. The psychological intricacy of Vaiksoo’s characters and their depiction through a prism of warm humour offer support to readers of sensitive ages and helps them on their path to adulthood.

Shoe #40
One day, fifth-grader Paul Fifth receives a message from Hugo “the Shoeman” Bachmann, whose secret the boy tracked down in a previous book- Shoe # 39. Paul learns that the man’s girlfriend, the beautiful shoe saleswoman Katya has started to complain of boredom and wants to go on a canoe trip. Since Hugo has very little experience in that area, he'd like for Paul to come along for support. The boy gladly agrees, especially when he’s allowed to invite his best friend Minna.
Shoe #39
Paul the fifth grader oversleeps for the first time in his life and doesn’t make it to school. Yet when he goes out to get a breath of fresh air, it turns out that the day’s extraordinary events aren’t over yet. A series of escapades unfolds, starring the world’s most beautiful saleswoman Yekaterina, the artistic Arthur, and Arthur’s spunky daughter Minna.
Reading sample

2020 The White Ravens (Shoe #39)
2019 Annual Children’s Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia (Shoe #39)
2019 Good Children’s Book (Shoe #39)
2018 Nominee of the Tartu Prize for Children’s Literature (Three Autumns)
2017 Good Children’s Book (Three Autumns)
2015 Ajakirja Täheke ja Riigikantselei luulevõistlus „Meie oma Eesti lipp”, põhiauhind (luuletus „Põhjatuulemaal”)
2012 Annual Children’s Literature Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia (Soup Pot Carnival
2012 Good Children’s Book (Soup Pot Carnival)
2006 Best European Schoolbooks, 3rd place (Alphabet Book)
2003 Karl Eduard Sööt Children’s Poetry Award (The Clockmaker’s Wife)

Kolm sügist (Three Autumns), Ärkel 2017, illustrated by Kadi Kurema, 48 pp
Laul Eestimaast (Ode to Estonia), Ärkel 2017, illustrated by Regina Lukk-Toompere, concertina book
Jõulutaadi ootel (Waiting for Santa), Päike ja Pilv 2012, illustrated by Kertu Sillaste, 32 pp
Supipotikarneval (Soup Pot Carnival), Koolibri 2012, illustrated by Kaspar Jancis, 47 pp
Onu Heino väike pere (Uncle Heino’s Little Family), Tallinna Keskraamatukogu 2010, illustrated by Kertu Sillaste, 72 pp
Onu Heino eksis ära, Koolibri 2007, illustrated by Kadri Ilves, 48 pp
Kellassepaproua (The Clockmaker’s Wife), Varrak 2003, illustrated by Anu Kalm, 32 pp

King nr 40 (Shoe #40), Ärkel 2020, illustrated by Katrin Kaev, 192 pp
King nr 39 (Shoe #39), Ärkel 2019, illustrated by Katrin Kaev, 183 pp
Miku ja Mirjami kuus kummalist kohtumist, Ärkel 2018, illustrated by Katrin Kaev, 46 pp
Saladuslikud seiklused Toompeal (The Mysterious Adventures in Old Town), Kultuurileht 2010, illustrated by Marja-Liisa Plats, 48 pp
Nõiutud pulmarong, TEA Kirjastus 2007, illustrated by Everi Vähi, 112 pp
Aabits (Alphabet Book), Koolibri 2005, illustrated by Kadri Ilves, 127 pp (with Sirje Toomla)
Jaagupi esimene koolisügis, Koolibri 2005, illustrated by Kadri Ilves, 71 pp
Lumemöll, Tänapäev 2005, illustrated by Kadri Ilves, 72 pp
Soovaimulood, Eesti Jahimees 2003, illustrated by Moritz/Ott Vallik, 64 pp
Neli hommikut ja üks õhtu (Four Mornings and One Evening), Avita 2000, illustrated by Ilmar Trull, 51 pp