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Liis Sein (1983) is a playwright and children’s author. She graduated from Tallinn University in adult education and has received additional training in playwriting and creative writing. Sein currently works as an administrative assistant at the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre. She has written three children’s books and won the Knee-High Book Competition in 2019. Sein conveys the world through children’s eyes such that adults also see it as a bigger, brighter, and more lucid place.

Saskia Looks for Colors
Saskia the elephant girl is sad. She doesn’t know her colors yet. When the elephant family stops by a river to rest after a long journey, Saskia decides to do something about it. She sets off on an exciting adventure to find colors and get to know them better. What color is a lion? Is it yellow, or is it the color of the sun? Is a parrot blue or a shade of the sky?
Reading sample
The Raincloud’s Greatest Wish
Little Matilda likes sunny weather more than anything else. The girl just adores playing tic-tac-toe, reading poems, and licking popsicles in the sunshine. But when a gigantic cloud settles into the sky, the sun has no choice but to gather up its rays and wait for the rain to stop. Matilda waits eagerly for the showers to cease, too, but they keep falling endlessly.
Reading sample
How Sarah Grew Up
It’s Sarah’s birthday, and she’s turning four years old already. The guests who show up to the party are amazed by how much Sarah has grown. Still, the girl herself is puzzled by how they can think she’s big. She still can’t fly to the horizon, do magic tricks, search for hidden treasure, or bake the world’s sweetest cakes.

2019 Good Children’s Book (Saskia Looks for Colours)
2019 The Knee-High Book Competition, 1st place (Linn)

Saskia otsib värve (Saskia Looks for Colours), Tammerraamat 2019, illustrated by Catherine Zarip, 25 pp
Vihmapilve suur soov (The Raincloud’s Greatest Wish), Päike ja Pilv 2018, illustrated by Anne Linnamägi, 32 pp
Kuidas Saara suureks kasvas (How Saara Grew Up), Päike ja Pilv 2017, illustrated by Anne Linnamägi, 29 pp